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Engineering Firm Design Performance Guarantees (5 replies)

Dizzy Flores
1 year ago
Dizzy Flores 1 year ago

Which parameter (Grade, Recovery and Reagent, Utility consumption, etc.) could be defining in concentrator plant (Flotation& Grinding) performance guarantee? How can we determine the liquid damages?While recovery is a deciding factor in performance guarantee figures, however measurement of recovery in the plant could not be effected in ideally constant and unvarying conditions. Therefore such measurement should also take into consideration this fact by considering and applying the concept of standard deviation. In other words, in determination of liquidated damage, (and for example deduction of 1% of contract value for not achieving the targeted 89% recovery), different variable conditions prevailing during measurement of recovery should also be considered in view of the respective standard deviation.

Helena Russell
1 year ago
Helena Russell 1 year ago

In what context are you considering liquid damages? Are you looking at a new project and want to engage en EPC entity to do the design for you. Is it a project that has been developed and now is not working properly?

1 year ago
Unterstarm 1 year ago

Concentrator simulated as a function of recovery and grade. Concentrator (C)=Recovery (R)+Grade (G), where R(reagents, grind, Mass pull) and G (recovery-1) thus, Concentrator C=R(regents, grind, Mass pull)+G(recovery-1). So, all parameters are interrelated to define performance.

Bill Rico
1 year ago
Bill Rico 1 year ago

Yes, as you wrote we have new concentrate project. We want to clear this parameter for our contract. Would you please help me? Do you have any experience in this regard?

1 year ago

This is something that you have to discuss with the relevant equipment suppliers. Who supplied your flotation equipment?

Sachin Prakash
1 year ago
Sachin Prakash 1 year ago

In an operating plant there may be some variables both in feed ore quality and varying operating conditions in dynamic conditions. This would lead to generate different results as compared to laboratory test works.

Hence better is to calculate the separation efficiency which is commonly independent of feed ore quality.

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