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How to size a slurry pump (6 replies)

Marshal Meru
10 months ago
Marshal Meru 10 months ago

How can I find a book or article about sizing mineral processing plant equipment especially heavy-duty slurry pump?

Ace Levy
10 months ago
Ace Levy 10 months ago

See Mineral Processing plant design by Mullar and Bapu..Here is the link to download this book.


Dizzy Flores
10 months ago
Dizzy Flores 10 months ago

Also the Slurry Systems Handbook by BAHA E. Abulnaga (2002) and yes a good book on the overall mineral processing plant design from the SME is below:

Mular, A.L., Barratt, D.J., and Halbe, D.N., Eds., Mineral Processing Plant Design, Practice, and Control (2 Volume Set), SME, 2002.

Also the Warman pump handbook is good for pump design:


Marshal Dienes
10 months ago
Marshal Dienes 10 months ago

I have always liked Georgia iron Works http://www.pumpfundamentals.com/slurry/GIW%20Slurry%20Manual.pdf


A-- There is considerable written material from manufacturers, e.g.:

Flygt http://www.pumpfundamentals.com/slurry/flygt_slurry_handbook.pdf

GIW TOC Chapter 1

http://www.ksb.com/linkableblob/giw-en/1002918-432065/data/SlurryBook_sample_dl-data.pdfhttp://www.pumpfundamentals.com/slurry/GIW Slurry Manual.pdf

Carmen Ibanz
10 months ago
Carmen Ibanz 10 months ago

Training courses are available – Traditional instructor web-based and self-paced training is available.

GIW Industries – slurry pumping course - six modules covering Slurry Pumping Basics, Testing and Evaluation of Slurry, Cavitation, Modeling, Field Work and Maintenance.


Pumps and motors – Continuing Education Professional Development Course


C—Websites available


Intl. Pump Users Symp. (1996)



Addie, G.R., Slurry pipeline design with centrifugal pumps


Sugar Watkins
10 months ago
Sugar Watkins 10 months ago

Another site I find useful as a pumping resource is


Jean Rasczak
10 months ago
Jean Rasczak 10 months ago

Also try PCCE, they are specialist slurry pipeline engineering company based in Cape Town, South Africa. They do hydraulic system designs for heavy duty applications. Paste thickened tailings, mine backfill etc.

They did splendid job for us in 2001 for high density and volumetric slurry disposal system design work in collaboration with Weir.

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