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Where to buy certified reference materials (10 replies)

Marshal Dienes
1 year ago
Marshal Dienes 1 year ago

Does anyone know of a commercially available source of certified reference materials (standards) for REE in the range of 100 - 50,000 ppm total REE?

Ideally including elevated Cu, Au, Mo& U. The REE occur as carbonates and phosphates in an IOCG matrix with 5% - 20% pyrite. CRMs need to be provided as pulps for use in multi acid digest ICP

1 year ago
Standartenfurer 1 year ago

Usually, you would have to prepare a bulk sample with same geologic matrix as the mineralized rock being drilled and analyzed. The commercial lab would use your bulk sample and be in charge of pulverizing/ blending/homogenizing the material, assaying the material to confirm its homogeneity, packaging the material, and sending random samples of the packaged standards to commercial laboratories for round robin assaying to establish ‘accepted values’ for the standards.

Victor Bergman
1 year ago
Victor Bergman 1 year ago

I’d suggest that having a look through the following list would be a good starting point: (OREAS 146 is a specific REE CRM)

There are other suppliers out there, though I think you are likely to have a hard time finding one CRM that meets all of your requirements, instead I would suggest getting a number of CRMs to meet different sections of your requirement and which correlate to your varying ore styles.

As earlier commented, it is possible to generate your own CRM, however these will likely take 3 - 6 months to prepare and will require a not insignificant volume of suitable material. So your choice will depend on your time frame and the amount of material (I’m assuming drill core) you can afford to send off.

Marshal Dienes
1 year ago
Marshal Dienes 1 year ago

Yes, I understand, however for the number of standards required an off the shelf commercial standard should be much cheaper but I am having difficulty sourcing one. That's what I want.

1 year ago
Obersturmbann 1 year ago

Try the Bureau of Analyzed Samples in the UK. Great database!

Maya Rothman
1 year ago
Maya Rothman 1 year ago

When having to make up specialty reference samples I usually went to Spectrum Chemical. While they don't always have a reference they usually have an ultra pure base stock that I could make up my own reference with.

Sugar Watkins
1 year ago
Sugar Watkins 1 year ago

I use for all my stds at the moment as we use them for Au.

1 year ago
Sturmbann 1 year ago

Try to find at Ore Research PTY. LTD at Australia.

Jean Rasczak
1 year ago
Jean Rasczak 1 year ago

Canada and Ontario Geological Surveys have many reference materials for REE as well as for other elements.
CANMET - Natural Recourses Canada also provide number of reference materials:

You have very specific matrix, so I would rather search in Australia, they certainly will have good materials with similar matrix, but most likely with lower than 5% REE. I would not recommend making your own standards using pure REE chemicals and your rock. In this case the REE assemblage concentrations will be crooked and will not correspond to the analyzed ores at all. Thus, it may not be possible to use it as a reference.

Alan Carter
1 year ago
Alan Carter 1 year ago

I doubt there is a commercial REE CRM with the values you require, but have a look in the Brammer database ( as they have many Chinese CRMs. Try AMIS as well ( who we use for making matrix matched standards for our labs.

Marshal Dienes
1 year ago
Marshal Dienes 1 year ago

Thanks for all the replies, there is no need to comment further as I have found what I need.

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