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aluminum bronze C954 (2 replies)

3 months ago
lerpollock 3 months ago

I work with non precious metals such as aluminum, brass, and steel for my jewelry. I have recently been working with an aluminum bronze alloy called C954. After doing some research online, I came across some information that said aluminum bronze has been used for the replacements of dental crowns. That led me to think that the alloy was hypoallergenic, since it could be used in people's mouths. Other information was that the alloy was corrosion resistant and used in marine/salt water applications due to its superior corrosion resistance and structural strength. I made some rings with this alloy and they all stayed un-tarnished sitting out exposed in the air but the rings have all turned an antique bronze or brownish color when they have been worn, turning people's fingers green or gray. I realize that any copper alloy can do this, even with sterling silver in some people but because the information I read said it was used for dental crowns and corrosion resistant in salt water, I figured it was not going to be your standard bronze alloy. When I receive the raw stock, it had a very shiny surface where it was cut with no apparent signs of tarnish. So obviously the acids and salts in people's skin is activating the copper corrosion. My question is if there is another aluminum bronze alloy suited for jewelry application in which the copper doesn't react to skin. I know there are other aluminum bronze alloys containing nickel that seem to have high corrosion resistance ratings. 

Todd H
3 months ago
Todd H 3 months ago

Check out this metal supplier -

They can likely give you the information you need.

Also look at this blog



Todd Harvey - Global Resource Engineering

3 months ago
lerpollock 3 months ago

Thank you. I should be able to find what I'm looking for and get some answers too. Very helpful. Much appreciated.

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