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Mining Company Stops Killing Fishes

Background: As we learned in Part 1, Bigass Mining (BAM) Company had just finished construction and had started mining and milling operations. The BAM tailings management facility (TMF) was designed as a non-discharge facility but was discharging. The TMF had odor, foam issues at the discharge point and the receiving water stream that happened to have [...]

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How to Read a Water Report

Here is the importance of understanding your water report, this applies to well water, lake water and of course city water quality report. You don't need a science degree to understand the principles of a water report, start by narrowing it down to the main objective. Today we’ll focus on how to read a well [...]

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We’re in Compliance, but the Fishes are Dead

The Water Diaries STORY 1: BIGASS COMPANY IS IN COMPLIANCE, BUT THE FISH ARE DEAD Background BAM (BigAss Mine) completed construction in the early 00’s and started mining and processing. BAM is located somewhere south or east of the border. Maybe South America, maybe Siberia, definitely not Australia, good blokes there, eh. The BigAss Mine [...]

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Water in Mining

Why Mining needs Water & How is Water Used Water plays an important role in most mining and extractive processes. Understanding the main uses of water, the quantity and quality of water that arc required for each use, and the water losses associated with each use are the first steps in making decisions on how [...]

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Understanding the 5 Water Sources – Know your Water

Identifying a water source is the first step in water filtration, understanding the source allows us to break it into categories. Here are the main five water sources: Municipal Ground water (well) Surface water Lake River Stream (creek) Shallow well Rainwater Seawater Municipal supply: This can be confusing for some, the city of Los Angeles [...]

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