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    We have an ​application ​where we will ​need to ​dissolve ​batches of 20% sodium hexametaphosphate (​SHMP). I’ve ​read that ​it’s quite ​tough to ​dissolve, but ​if anyone has ​practical ​experience with ​this it would ​be very useful.​  ​

    1. Does heat improve ​solubility? ​
    2. Any ​specific ​recommendations ​on design of ​agitator or ​mixing tank? ​
    3. What is ​the best ​loading system? Is over the top the best method? ​

    If someone ​has information ​on dissolving ​this chemical ​or similar ones,​ please get in ​touch.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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