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AngloGold Ashanti presents its new mining technology: it mines “all gold, only gold, all the time”

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AngloGold Ashanti announced a new “game-changing technology” that can safely mine “all of the gold, only the gold, all the time”, said the firm’s new CEO Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan. There’s no drill and blast. Effectively it removes the seismic impact, brings a safe working environment, eliminates dilution and brings all of the gold out. AngloGold Ashanti recently announced it’s cutting … Read more

11 Technologies that will change mining in the next decade

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Some emerging technologies are set to completely transform the way mining professionals will operate over the next 10 years. Whether we are talking about improving productivity, saving money or boosting safety in order to better protect the workers, there are 11 technologies that will change the way we mine, according to a recent report from … Read more

Benefits of using SART on a Zn laded CN solution | Process

In the absence of SART Process, cyanide is consumed by the leaching of cyanide-soluble zinc minerals present in the ore, generating a WAD cyanide-zinc complex (Zn(CN)42-) in solution. This dissolved WAD CN-Zn complex circulates back to the leach in the recycled Barren Leach Solution (BLS), and further reacts with Ag2S in the fresh ore to … Read more