Process Design & Optimization Services

Process Design & Optimization Services2018-04-14T07:10:15-04:00

Process Design

911 Metallurgy can help you design the metallurgical process that will make your project successful. Our experts take the time to understand your project and develop a solution that meets your schedule and processing requirements. 911 Metallurgy specialists uses state of the art modeling techniques to design and select equipment for your process. There are often many solutions to a process, so our specialists compare solutions, to evaluate important factors such as efficiency, capital, and operating costs. Once a process is selected we will provide you with the information and service you need to go from design to production.

Process Optimizations

911 Metallurgy can help you optimize and audit your process. Understanding your circuit is important, therefore we recommend a site visit to make sure we collect the data our experts need to get the best results. Onsite, our experts inventory the circuit equipment and operating conditions, and conduct a survey, to determine important metrics used in our advanced modelling program. Once the review is complete, the survey data is combined and used to generate models for simulation software. The  models are then used to simulate the circuit/process and determine optimal process parameters. Not interested in a site visit? No problem 911 Metallurgy can also provide offsite optimization services, using data that you have collected.

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