Geology and Resource Estimation Services

Geology and Resource Estimation Services2018-04-14T06:30:48-04:00

Our geological team is well versed in exploration, geologic modeling, and resource estimation. Our Qualified Persons team includes Certified Professional Geologists (CPG), Professional Engineers (PE), and Mining and Metallurgical Society of America (MMSA) members. We work hand in hand with your project geologist who has intimate knowledge of the deposit to ensure that we don’t miss any details. We use state of the art software packages including LeapFrog, Vulcan, Datamine, Techbase, Mircomodel, and Carlson Software.

A typical project starts by taking your original dataset and completing a quality control check to verify the data integrity and catalogue the available data which typically includes lithology, mineralization, alteration, and assay information. We then model the deposits structure and lithology to define the structural and lithological controls. These controls are used to accurately delimit the mineralized domains which are verified through statistical multivariate analysis. Once the mineralized domains are defined, we complete variography on the data within each domain to determine the principal direction of continuity and appropriate estimation parameters. Each mineralized domain is then estimated separately using the most accurate estimation method for each zone. Finally, the resource model is verified through a combination of visual checks, swath plots, back tagging the core with the wireframes, cross validation, and other estimation methods. The final resource is then categorized into inferred, indicated, and measured resources using a combination of data quality, geologic continuity, cutoff grade, number of samples, number of drill holes, and distances from the samples.

For more advanced projects, we take the extra step to determine the mining boundaries and mining block size to provide you with a diluted resource that is ready for incorporation into an economic model. We also model other key parameters for deposits including acid rock drainage (ARD) potential and geometallurgical ore types. Complex deposits with many geometallurgical ore types can be accurately modeled using multivariate adaptive regression splines and validation testing.

Geology and Resource Estimation services include:

  • Exploration Sampling Program Design (Quality Control/Quality Assurance)
  • Geological and Structural Mapping
  • Geologic Core Logging
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • 3D Geological and Structural Modeling
  • Mining Geology Modeling
  • Mineral Resource & Reserve Estimation
  • Geometallurgical Modeling

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