Maintenance & Mechanical

Maintenance Policy & Procedure

Maintenance Policy Area Level 1 (basic) Level 2 (controlling) Level 3 (improving) Level 4 (best) 2.1 MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP                                            2.1.1 Maintenance Mission No mission Mission developed and understood by management Mission developed and understood by management & supervision Mission developed, understood and articulated by management, supervision, maintenance team personnel & … Read more

Ball Mill Maintenance & Installation Procedure

Am sure your Ball Mill is considered the finest possible grinding mill available. As such you will find it is designed and constructed according to heavy duty specifications. It is designed along sound engineering principles with quality workmanship and materials used in the construction of the component parts. Your Ball Mill reflects years of advancement in grinding principles, … Read more

Diesel Engines

The information below is provided as representative of medium HP Diesel engines of four, six, and eight cylinders. Many other sizes and types are available and variations on four, six, and eight cylinder engines, such as in stroke, bore, and displacement—giving higher or lower HP ranges, may be obtained. Performance Curves are for maximum, rated, … Read more

Determining Power Factor

Where power is purchased, and is billed on a power factor basis, the installed power company meters will provide a means of determining overall plant power factor. This may be the average power factor for the billing period, usually a month, or the power factor at time of maximum kilowatt demand, or other values depending … Read more

SAG Mill Reline

Types of Speed Reducers

The Speed Reducer eliminates unnecessary transmission equipment, thus providing compact drives, and assures positive performance. It is made with speed reduction ratios up to 4,000 to 1 and with right angle (vertical or horizontal), or parallel shafts for either light or heavy duty. The information which follows gives applications and other pertinent data on the … Read more

Thickener Drive Speed Reducer

The Integral Lift Vertical Worm Gear-Box Speed Reducer is used on Center and Side Air-lift Agitators, Hydroclassifiers, and on thickeners in many mills and industrial plants where it is necessary to have a simple, compact, totally – enclosed, self-lubricated reduction unit. This unit is widely used to step down speeds of high-speed motors to the slow … Read more

Diesel and Gasoline Engines

Engine, Diesel, Caterpillar Caterpillar Diesel Engine brings to the users of small power units all of the advantages of the larger diesel engines. The units are available in sizes from 52 horsepower to 190 horsepower and are all of rugged design with compactness and accessibility of parts built into all units. These engines are available … Read more