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Rock Crushers are used to obviously, crush big rocks into little rocks. Since we are small scale process experts, we offer mini, small to ‘not so small’ rock crushers categorised as jaw, cone, hammer and roll. Most are small enough to use in a home style laboratory or any full commercial-industrial laboratory, while the largest unit-equipment with adequately process all your needs for small scale mining equipment.

For the crusher to correctly perform its role in the processing cycle with maximum efficiency and economy it must be matched to the final task. Determining factors in crusher selection can be broken down into four categories: material to be crushed; feed size; product size; and expected capacity. The right crusher should also have the lowest power requirements per ton of finished product, and operate with minimum maintenance and downtime. There are a variety of crushers to meet the needs of today’s industrial requirements. Exactly how is a determination made on the proper crusher? Usually, extensive study and evaluation of the above facts concerning material, feed size, feed rate, capital cost requirement, etc. will be an essential guideline. Next to be considered is the actual mechanical method of crushing to be used.

It is our approach which determines 911MPE product’s to be reliable and superior and makes our jaw crushers ideal for coarse and initial size reduction of hard to brittle samples. The reliability of the 911MPE jaw crushers is based on their extremely robust design. Thousands of installed crushers all over the world within the last decades demonstrate the trust of many customers. There superiority is represented by two decisive competitive advantages, the large number of technical highlights as well as the unrivalled selection of crushers and breaking jaws that are developed to suit the requirements for different feed sizes, materials and applications. 911MPE jaw crushers are available in four different models starting from the bench top model and ranging up to the strongest floor model. Our machines belong to the family of single toggle jaw crushers; a high final fineness and excellent crushing ratio demonstrate their great efficiency. The main fields of application include construction materials, mineralogy and metallurgy, ceramics and glass materials as well as research and environmental analysis.

Jaw crushers are particularly suitable for the preparation of rocks, minerals, ores, glass, ceramics, slags, synthetic resins and many hard brittle substances. Depending on the model samples of up to 150mm in feed size can be ground to a final fineness of down to less than 0.5mm. For further introduction of our range of jaw crushers we are going to focus on the widely established JC100 which is the core product of our floor models and suitable for many major applications. After starting the machine the gap width is set by using an analogue scale it ensures optimal size reduction in accordance with the desired material fineness. The sample can then be filled into the no rebound hopper and enters the crushing chamber, size reduction takes place in the wedged shape area between the fixed crushing arm and the one moved by an eccentric drive shaft. The movable jaw is driven by a heavy duty brake motor via v-belts; the largest belt pulley also acts a flywheel to ensure uniform and smooth operation. The elliptical motion crushes the sample successively as soon as the sample is smaller than the gap width, it falls into removable, easy to clean, stainless steel collector. By using state of the art modulation methods during the design process of our crushers we ensure to archive best performances. Due to the optimized eccentric movement and the special geometry of the grinding chamber the 911MPE JC100 achieves a much higher fineness than traditional jaw crushers.

The grinding chamber is dust protected using a commercially available vacuum cleaner; additional dust extraction can be achieved without affecting the result. Depending on the material in the through put sooner or later even high quality breaking jaws will start to show signs of wear, this means that the set crushing gap will increase with time. In order to still be able to obtain reproduce-able crushing results this wear must be compensated with traditional jaw crushers whose gap width can only be set in fixed steps and accurate compensation for wear is not possible. 911MPE jaw crushers can be continuously adjusted and therefore the wear of breaking jaws can be compensated precisely. We provide user convenience combined with maximum safety. Compared to traditional jaw crushers the crushing chamber is accessible via quick release clamps, this enables easy cleaning and exchanging of the breaking jaws. An important safety aspect is provided by a switch that interacts with a brake motor to ensure an immediate stops if the unit is opened during operation. A further safety feature is that the hopper is equipped with the sample rebound protection which also ensures that the crushing chamber can’t be accessed by hand; a disc spring unit and a thermal overload protection prevent abuse of the system. Like all 911MPE machines the JC100 is designed to be in full compliance with highest safety regulations. 911MPE jaw crushers run smoothly and are surprisingly quiet, due to their robust design they are not only applicable for batch wise operation but also particularly suitable for continuous size reduction in online operation.

Optional kits for the central lubrication of the lower movable crushing arm are available as well. This is particularly advantageous if the jaw crushers are to be used continuously or if they are installed in a cabinet in such a way that the lubrication points are difficult to access. Because of their solid design they are virtually maintenance free and perform their size reduction duties over a long life time. Our floor based crushers as presented so far are complemented by the bench top alternative which has been specifically designed for sample preparation of small laboratory quantities. The space saving dust type instrument fits on any lab bench. Small amounts of samples with feed sizes of up to 35mm are crushed gently and without any sample loss. Breaking Jaws for the entire jaw crusher range providing excellent surface quality for highest demands. Jaws and side plates are available in various materials such as manganese steel which is made from precision casting, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, heavy metal free steel and zirconium oxide. Thus versatile applications can be fulfilled without cross contaminations. 911MPE crushers are the ideal choice when the rapid and gentle size reduction of hard and brittle materials is to be accomplished. Due to the optimized movement the favorable geometry of the grinding chamber and the wide variety of grinding materials, excellent grinding results are achieved which fulfill all requirements. Reliability and superiority of our products make 911MPE the leader in crushing and pre-crushing for sample preparation. Thousands of installed units all around the world demonstrate the trust of many customers.