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Uranium Poem

Born out of grim necessity
In the horror and agony of Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
The Nuclear Age grew from swaddling clothes Into manhood almost overnight.
There was a question mark over the future
From the first hour the birth was announced
Today, eleven years have passed
Since that first blinding flash of light
Wrote upon the pages of history Another chapter in Man’s conquest of nature.
There is still a question mark.
It is still not certain
That Man’s conquest of himself is complete.
The awesome power of the creation
Is in truth linked to Man’s good intentions
And his striving toward improvement of his lot.
There is still the question mark—
One misstep and then destruction.
There is, however, hope and faith
That only good and no evil
Will emerge from the nuclear piles
That begin life in the colorful, barren earth
Of New Mexico, Arizona, and Montana,
Of Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.
There is an omen for good in the lilt of the names
Given to places only yesterday known but to a few.
Listen to the singing of Monument Valley,
Moab, Red Rock, and Monogram Mesa.
There is Mexican Hat, and, Paradox Valley,
Shiprock, Cisco, and Naturita.
Then, there’s Dead Horse Point.
Oh, yes, this is Indian Country,
Home of the Navajo!
They are still the only masters
Of this desolate waste
Which reflects the colors of uranium
In ….Read more

Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy

The first objective of Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy is to remove the Mineral as soon as freed and as coarse as possible” is the first rule in treating complex ores. Ores containing two or three metals have been satisfactorily treated for a number of years. Today, however, ores containing as high as four, five and even six and seven minerals are being efficiently concentrated. Such ores have always presented difficult problems. Only in the last ten years, after detailed studies and experiments were conducted both on methods and equipment, have treatment plants for highly complex ores reached any marked degree of success.

Two LEADING Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy METHODS

The two dominating principles which have brought greater efficiency to recovery of values from highly complex ores have been:

  1. Selective flotation which, although it has been used for a number of years, is still invaluable in treating most complex ores. The most outstanding developments in this stage of milling were improvements on the flotation machine itself. These have resulted in greater mechanical dependability, better recoveries, higher grade of products, and the elimination of pumps and elevators in circulating the pulp through the use of the gravity-flow principle.
  2. The most important of ….Read more

Mineral Processing and Ore Dressing

Before the event of ore dressing, crude ores were shipped directly to the smelters, or the refineries, with the shipper paying the freight and treatment charges. These charges varied with the type of ore and the distance from the smelter. In all cases they were many times our modem milling costs. While the smelter recovered the principal values, substantial losses of other metals and even penalties, such as for zinc at a lead smelter were common. With the high cost of the smelting operation only high grade ores could be shipped and treated at a profit.

The day of high grade ore deposits is practically over. The tremendous production caused by wars and intense industrial development has demanded so much metal and mineral production that only medium and low-grade ore deposits are left available for development. Development at depth of complex mineral ore bodies is now being undertaken and these ores are being treated by methods which were unknown even a few years ago.

An example of this is in the use of the “sink- float” process which has been recently introduced. In this process certain minerals can be separated from a large portion of gangue, or waste material. A preliminary crushing ….Read more

Undeveloped Heap Leach Gold Projects

World Gold Heap Leach Mines

VANCOUVER, May 12, 2016 /CNW/ – Goldcorp Inc. (“Goldcorp”) (TSX: G, NYSE: GG) andKaminak Gold Corporation (“Kaminak”) (TSX-V: KAM) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a definitive arrangement agreement (the “Arrangement Agreement”) pursuant to which Goldcorp has agreed to acquire, by way of a plan of arrangement (the “Arrangement”), all of the outstanding shares of Kaminak.  The total consideration offered for all of the outstanding shares of Kaminak is approximately C$520 million.

Canada: A Golden Looser


1) United States – 8,133 metric tonsusa_gold_reserve

2) Germany –3,381 metric tons


3) Italy –2,451 metric tons


4) France – 2,435 metric tons


5) China –1,693 metric tons


6) Russia – 1,317 metric tons


7) Switzerland – 1,040 metric tons


8) Japan – 765 metric tons


9) The Netherlands – 612 metric tons


10) India – 557 metric tons


11) Turkey – 517 metric tons


12) Taiwan – 423 metric tons


13) Portugal -382 metric tons



32) Greece



196) and Last I think…
CANADA at ….Read more

Allotropy or Allotropism of Gold

Allotropes Aurum

It can scarcely be considered a matter of doubt, in the present state of our knowledge, that the existence of, at any rate, two well-marked allotropic modifications of gold can be recognized, namely (a), the ordinary, yellow variety, and (b) the red, brown or purple, non-lustrous, amorphous variety.

There are, indeed, not wanting indications that still other allotropic forms may be capable of existing. It is, for instance, possible that the green colors of gold obtained under certain conditions, or the black powder produced when the alloy of gold with potassium is decomposed by water, may represent further allotropic modifications, although this proposition is open to doubt. It can scarcely be pretended that the two first- named varieties have been absolutely isolated, yet it is, perhaps, quite permissible to speak of the ordinary and the amorphous modifications as having a proved existence.

Ordinary gold (Aurum) is sometimes found crystallized in nature, although never in a state of purity. When gold is melted and, cooled slowly, its surface shows crystalline markings, and the fact that it is capable of crystallizing in the cubic system may be looked upon as established. When ….Read more

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