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Largest Mines in the World

Barrick Goldstrike Gold Mine mod

Here is my list of the Top 15 largest and biggest mines in the world:   They are economically big and physically large, taking a lot of time and power to excavate using special mining equipment. But in their core, there’s what big mining companies are looking for: the precious ore. Join us as we … Read more

Precious Metals – World’s Top 10

800px Indium wire

Ever wondered why people keep their gold pieces in safes? And why your family silverware is always so well protected? Well, that’s obviously because gold and silver are two precious metals. That you already know… But what about other metals? There are other substances equally precious, even more, precious than gold, that you must get to … Read more

Eskay Creek Mill Process Description

The Eskay Creek Mine is located in north-western British Columbia approximately 83 km north-west of Stewart, B.C. as shown in the location map Figure 1. A restricted access 59 km long gravel road, shown in Figure 2, from Bob Quinn Lake junction of highway 37 provides road access to the site. The employees at the … Read more

10 Awesome Vehicles You Might Be Driving In The Future

Would you like to live in an imaginary world where vehicles can top out at speeds over 300 miles per hour? Maybe own a futuristic vehicle that can hover, fly and hit the highway like you’re on fire. Concept cars are a reality in a near and distant future as we wait for technology to … Read more

How Gold Is Made for Kids

Randal Birkey was commissioned by a Denver, Colorado graphic design firm in the 1980’s to prepare a series of illustrations on “How Gold is Made for Kids”. The illustration series was to be used by their client, Santa Fe Pacific, (now Newmont Gold), in printed corporate communication brochures, posters and other tools. The series was … Read more

Mineral Processing Plant: Version 1.5 in Minecraft

All Minecraft Junkies need to see this complete mineral processing plant to help you manage ore types and metals you have mined. A very interesting parallel to what we do in real mining.

Solving Complex Metallurgical Problems

Complex Metallurgical Problems Solved with DENVER PILOT MILL. This Denver Pilot Mill was built to work out a new metallurgical problem on a particular ore. The results were so successful that the equipment was used for experimental purposes on other ores. By utilizing this flexible method of developing new flowsheets, the loss of time and expense of … Read more