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High zinc levels are poisoning the New River

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The historic New River, which flows through central Appalachia – across North Carolina and West Virginia, in Virginia (USA) -, is showing signs of high levels of zinc that is poisoning the water and polluting the nearby land. New evidence has arisen, but the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is not acting to solve the problem. This … Read more

Eight people arrested during Sami protest against iron mine in Sweden


The indigenous Sami population has been trying to preserve their way of life and culture by protesting against the creation of an iron mine in northern Sweden. The project belongs to the British company Beowulf Mines. The police was called last Wednesday (21) to end a blockade of around 50 people, among locals and Sami. Eight people … Read more

The consequences of the Marikana massacre one year later

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Four days ago, the world pointed the first anniversary of the police massacre that killed 34 platinum miners in the northern town of Marikana, South Africa. The disaster happened last year, on August 16, and also wounded over 75 people. “The attack reminded many people of the massacres inflicted by white supremacist forces during the apartheid era, … Read more

10 Biggest write-downs of 2013 summer


Quarterly results are coming up, so it’s time to talk about some write-downs: in this case, the top ten of this summer. It’s not the best time for the mining companies, with gold hitting new record lows this past quarter and commodity prices generally dropping, something you might be able to “see” in the numbers. … Read more

Colorado Springs Republican wants coal mining companies operating near streams

Doug Lamborn, Colorado US Rep., is fighting to lift restrictions that keep coal mining companies from operating within 100 feet of watercourses. The bill proposed by the Colorado Springs Republican, also sponsored by the Ohio Republican Bill Johnson, talks about two different kinds of waste. It wants to prevent the “waste of taxpayer resources” by cutting regulations that are meant … Read more

Innovative technology makes its debut in Khanyisa power project

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The Khanyisa power project, under development in South Africa, will be the first project of its kind in the region to use the innovative circulating fluidised-bed (CFB) technology. The news was revealed at a workshop promoted by the Fossil Fuel Foundation, attended by the project manager Julian Eslait, who works for the company Anglo American Thermal Coal (AATC). Indeed, although CFB … Read more

Mineralogical Analysis using QEMSCAN and its Photomicrograph


A Mineralogical Analysis done using a QEMSCAN can produce Photomicrograph of chalcopyrite (Cpy), pyrite (Py) attached to and locked in sphalerite. (Reflected Light). Photomicrograph showing pyrite attached to and locked in sphalerite. Bornite (Bn) locked in sphalerite (Reflected Light). Photomicrograph of pyrite and chalcopyrite locked in sphalerite. Arsenopyrite (Asp) locked in pyrite (Reflected Light). Photomicrograph of pyrite … Read more