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How to Value a Gold Deposit

Real Value of Gold in the Ground

How do you measure the value of gold a gold deposit still in the ground in terms of a company that is mining or in production exploration stage? The starting premise is how we value advanced explorers and developers to target companies that are undervalued with respect to their peers and evaluate how viable they’re … Read more


When will the world run out of metal

Click on the images below for Zoom and best viewing. How much metal is left for baby Johnny and how long before we run out of each metal. Will there be anything left ?

Cheap & Undervalued Gold Mining Stocks

most undervalued gold stocks

Some of the Best & Most Undervalued Gold Mining Stocks can be defined for having low or cheap valuations coupled with poor trading performance in being closer to its 52 Week Low. The share price performance, where a company trades between their 52 WH and 52 WL, of the precious metals (gold and silver) universe is … Read more

Reasons For Mining

reasons for mining

Ever wondered why we need to mine the earth?  You need reasons for mining all this stuff? Wallboard – gypsum, clay, perlite, vermiculite, aluminum hydrate, borates Paint – titanium dioxide, kaolin, calcium carbonate, mica, silica, wollastonite Glass – silica, quartz, lead, titanium, sodium carbonate Door Knob – nickel Speakers – aluminum, cobalt, silver, silica, iron, … Read more

What It Takes To Make iPhones

Just like money does not grow on trees, iPhone making takes Tonnes of Efforts and tonnes of metals.  Here is the answer to What It Takes To Make iPhones?  The average mortal never thinks of this but here it is “The Not So Inconvenient Truth” in the eyes of a Drone flying over the largest copper miner … Read more

List Mines in Peru

No 1 List of Mines in Peru

Here is a List (3) of Mines in Peru.  It is actually a list of process plants. List Map of Mines in Peru