Pumps and Pumping

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Sand Pump The Nor-Sand Centrifugal Sand Pump is an evolution in pump design which overcomes the many difficulties encountered in handling abrasive materials. An unimpeded flow of pulp to the impeller is assured, as provision has been made to prevent coarse material from settling out by providing the pump with a central inlet on the … Read more

Laboratory Pumps

Suction-Pressure Laboratory Diaphragm Pump The Suction-Pressure Laboratory Diaphragm Pump is widely used for the pumping and control of the discharge of thickened concentrates, pulps, and hydroclassifier sands in continuous laboratory test plants. This pump is also applicable to commercial installations where the volume of material to be handled is small. These Suction-Pressure Laboratory Diaphragm Pumps are … Read more

SRL Pump Parts & Pump Types

SRL SAND PUMPS —GLAND TYPE SRL Pumps with positive Water Seal have a world-wide reputation for their high efficiency, low part cost, long life in handling abrasive slurries, sands and acids.  Wear causes loss of pump efficiency and loss of pressure. Accuracy of parts, precision molded of rubber, and the superior wearing qualities of the … Read more

Slurry Agitator Mixer & Flotation Conditioner

Any Air-lift Agitator is readily convertible from one to another of three general types. Center Air-lift, Side Air-lift or combined Side and Center Air-lift. Each type has its own advantages and application. No matter which type of Air-lift Agitator you have, it is the basis for any of the three general types, for each type … Read more

Miner’s Inch Conversion

A Miner’s Inch is a measure for flow of water, and is the quantity of water that will flow in one minute through an opening one inch square in a plank 2 inches thick under a head of 6.5 inches to the center of the orifice. This is equivalent, approximately to 1.2 cubic feet, or … Read more