Reagents and Chemicals

Naturally Floating Gold and Silver Lost in Pre-Flotation

Naturally Floating Gold and Silver

It is clear the Pre-Float stage creates much looses in Cu, Au and Ag.   Mineralogy work on this stream would help understand why the metals are naturally floatable using only MIBC.  Knowing the cause of this floatability (chemical, physical or mechanical) would open the opportunity to implement solutions that would increase Cu, Au and Ag … Read more

Oxide Flotation Collector | Collector for Copper Oxide Ore

Oxide Flotation

In this flotation tests and evaluation for the best collector for copper oxide “ore” 911Metallurgy continues with material that’s 60% Oxide copper. Sample C: 1.7% Copper about 60% Oxide Cu  Rougher Tests: Both reagents appear to behave similarly as the “blue dots” are seemingly a continuation of the trend started by “red dots”. Oxflo and Axis … Read more

Copper Oxide Flotation

Copper Oxide Flotation

Continuing with the evaluation of copper oxide flotation using hydroxamate we now evaluate a rock that’s 41% copper oxide with some lead oxide included. Sample B: 1.8% Copper about 41% Oxide Cu Rougher Tests: Unseen in these charts is the order in which the results were obtained. The last/best “Blue” dot (the best data point) … Read more

Flotation by Hydroxamate: OXFLO’s CTC3 vs AXISHOUSE’s AM2 (Rinkalore)

Hydroxamate CTC3 vs AM2 Rinkalore

The order of Hydroxamate flotation testing was first OXFLO for 3 days, then AXISHOUSE’s tests were performed 3 weeks later for 7 days. The results of each “Ore Type” or Samples tested by OXFLO (OxF) and AXISHOUSE (AH or Axis) is graphically displayed and evaluated in this report.  Prior to testing their chemicals, each “Ore … Read more

Hydroxamate for Copper Oxide Flotation

Hydroxamate for Oxide Copper Flotation CTC3

Here is a comparison of two Hydroxamate Collectors used for the flotation of Oxide copper, namely CTC3 from OXFLO and AM2 (AKA Rinkalore) from AXISHOUSE.  This report contains a comparison of the scoping test-work done by both suppliers to determine which one is the best Oxide Collector . Test Summary #1 Flotation by Hydroxamate:  OXFLO’ … Read more


The earlier versions of OXFLOAT CTC3 had been in production since 1972 and currently Oxflo’s manufacturing partner supplies 700 mt of this product to their local market annually. They have a further manufacturing capacity of 800 mt, taking them to a total of 1500 mt per year. Currently OXFLOAT CTC3 has displaced AM2 at one … Read more

Hydroxamate Collectors

float oxide copper

Let me point you to two good papers on the flotation of mixed copper oxide and sulphide minerals with xanthate and hydroxamate collectors. A great detailed thesis called “An Investigation of Copper Recovery from a Sulphide-Oxide Ore with a Mixed Collector System” and one called “Flotation of mixed copper oxide and sulphide minerals with xanthate and … Read more

Benefits of using SART on a Zn laded CN solution | Process

In the absence of SART Process, cyanide is consumed by the leaching of cyanide-soluble zinc minerals present in the ore, generating a WAD cyanide-zinc complex (Zn(CN)42-) in solution. This dissolved WAD CN-Zn complex circulates back to the leach in the recycled Barren Leach Solution (BLS), and further reacts with Ag2S in the fresh ore to … Read more