The earlier versions of OXFLOAT CTC3 had been in production since 1972 and currently Oxflo’s manufacturing partner supplies 700 mt of this product to their local market annually. They have a further manufacturing capacity of 800 mt, taking them to a total of 1500 mt per year.

Currently OXFLOAT CTC3 has displaced AM2 at one of the African operations, with further plants soon to follow. African Copper in Botswana, a company which has used AM2 for 3 years, will be running a 14 plant trial with OXFLOAT CTC3 on their next oxide copper stockpile.

Quality Control

Oxflo’s policy is to test reagents prior to dispatch. In addition to testing the chemical content of the reagents, a sample of ore will be delivered to our manufacturing facility where metallurgical testing on the production batch will ensure that the expected performance is achieved.