Flotation by Hydroxamate: OXFLO’s CTC3 vs AXISHOUSE’s AM2 (Rinkalore)

Flotation by Hydroxamate: OXFLO’s CTC3 vs AXISHOUSE’s AM2 (Rinkalore)

The order of Hydroxamate flotation testing was first OXFLO for 3 days, then AXISHOUSE’s tests were performed 3 weeks later for 7 days.

The results of each “Ore Type” or Samples tested by OXFLO (OxF) and AXISHOUSE (AH or Axis) is graphically displayed and evaluated in this report.  Prior to testing their chemicals, each “Ore Type” or Samples was tested by each Vendor using Xanthate to establish a baseline (Standard). In all cases both reagents outperformed their standard/baseline tests.

Variations in the “Standard” are likely due to a different operator for Axis vs Oxflo.

Both vendors tested on Process Water.


Sample A: 0.9% Copper about 92% Oxide Cu

Rougher Tests:

Hydroxamate collector

The %Cu Recovery appears to level off around 45%.

On its last test, Axis did achieve the highest %Cu Recovery but at much too large and unpractical %Mass.  Although Oxflo has limited tests, for the same %Mass, it achieved greater selectivity with higher %Recoveries.

Recover Gold Silver with Hydroxamate

Each participant’s produces one Au %Recovery data point at around 65%, but the general %Au Recovery appears to level off around 35%.

All of Oxflo’s few data point came in at around 60% Ag Recovery while Axis’ Recovery appears to level off around 35%.
Although Oxflo has limited tests, it appears to be more selective and have less trouble making %Recovery without pulling in excessive %Mass.

Hydroxamate Copper Collector-Recovery

Better flotation selectivity is demonstrated by data points positioned above the others on the Grade/Recovery curve.

Cleaner Tests:
If much be noted the cleaner tests herein were 1 stage only scoping tests and were not aimed at achieving final grade.

Hydroxamate Copper Flotation

In this Flotation by Hydroxamate, it was clear that although Oxflo only produced one data point, it shows greater selectivity coming in higher than Axis’ clearly establish grade/recovery curve.

Why is %Mass Recovery/Pull important

Comparing Hydroxamate Collectors

Copper Oxide Flotation

Flotation of Oxide

Naturally Floating Gold

Flotation Without Sulphidizer

Compare Hydroxamate AM2 Rinkalore CTC3 Oxide Collectors