Hydroxamate for Copper Oxide Flotation

Hydroxamate for Oxide Copper Flotation CTC3

Here is a comparison of two Hydroxamate Collectors used for the flotation of Oxide copper, namely CTC3 from OXFLO and AM2 (AKA Rinkalore) from AXISHOUSE.  This report contains a comparison of the scoping test-work done by both suppliers to determine which one is the best Oxide Collector . Test Summary #1 Flotation by Hydroxamate:  OXFLO’ … Read more


The earlier versions of OXFLOAT CTC3 had been in production since 1972 and currently Oxflo’s manufacturing partner supplies 700 mt of this product to their local market annually. They have a further manufacturing capacity of 800 mt, taking them to a total of 1500 mt per year. Currently OXFLOAT CTC3 has displaced AM2 at one … Read more

Calculate Slurry Flow / Volume

calculate slurry flow volume

An example of how you can calculate the slurry flow/volume of a given SG, %Solids and Tonnage. EXAMPLE: 3,400 tons of dry solids is processed in 24 hours in water with a specific gravity of 1.0 and the concentration of solids by weight is 33% with the solids having a specific gravity of 3.7 then … Read more

Percent Solids to Specific Gravity Conversion of Slurry

calculate slurry SG

Here is the formula for specific gravity of a slurry, S is: S = specific gravity of slurry Si= specific gravity of liquid phase Ss= specific gravity of solids phase Cw = concentration of solids by weight Cv= concentration of solids by volume EXAMPLE: if the liquid has a specific gravity of 1.2 and the concentration … Read more

Filter Cake Moisture Analyzer | Scale to Measure Humidity

Filter Cake Moisture Analyzer

Part of your slurry dewatering system is the production of a filter cake. Obviously that cake must have as low a moisture as possible. A great tool you can give your operator to measure, determine and monitor that concentrate filter cake humidity and control their process variable is a moisture scale like this.  You just … Read more