Top five countries that lost most gold in 2013


Each country’s central bank is usually known to hold gold reserves that basically just sit in vaults for years. However, the amount of gold each nation possesses represents, in most cases, a big part of its fortune.  The United States, for instance, has more than 8,000 tonnes of gold. But 2013 was tough for some … Read more

The five biggest mining fines of 2013

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From breaching environmental laws to violating safety rules, as well as “forgetting” about financial regulations, these mining bad boys have done almost all of it… just this year. Let’s take a look at the top five biggest mining penalties of 2013, all above the one-million-dollar mark. 1. $1.68 billion The company MMX Mineração e Metálicos … Read more

10 Biggest write-downs of 2013 summer


Quarterly results are coming up, so it’s time to talk about some write-downs: in this case, the top ten of this summer. It’s not the best time for the mining companies, with gold hitting new record lows this past quarter and commodity prices generally dropping, something you might be able to “see” in the numbers. … Read more