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Abandoned Mines

This information system forms a World Map of Abandoned Mines all around the USA.  Zoom in/out and click on a “metal dot” of your choice to view the details of the related Abandoned Mine Listed by the USGS. 64,883  Inactive U.S. Metal Mines as of 2012 This map represents inactive metal mining operations across the United States. This map … Read more

New website about abandoned mines in Ireland gathers amazing pictures


Who said that something abandoned can’t be beautiful? That’s exactly the case when we talk about the Irish abandoned mines. Some adventurous explorers have been exploring these pits and decided to gather all their photos in a new website, called Abandoned Mines of Ireland. The virtual platform catalogues pictures taken by these brave volunteers, taking the visitors … Read more

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Abandoned copper mine of Kennecott mod

What happens to the big or even smalls mines we now see providing tonnes and tonnes of ore when their precious metals end? The workers leave and the sites stay abandoned for decades. Here’s a collection of some amazing inactive and abandoned mines. 1. Organ Mountains Located in New Mexico (USA), this huge mine was established as a … Read more