Explosions kill four Chinese miners in three days

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Different explosions in two mines located in Central and southwest China killed four workers during the weekend. The news agency Xinhua, quoted by, reports the first accident happened on Friday (3) morning, in central China’s Wufeng county, Hubei province. A gas explosion made three victims. Two days after the first incident, on Sunday (5), a second … Read more

Rio Tinto’s CEO: Chinese mining equipment now has “much higher quality”


Forget about the North-American monopoly when it comes to producing quality mining equipment. According to the CEO of the mining giant Rio Tinto, the Chinese manufacturers are really improving in this field and can now be compared to the major US manufacturers, Sam Walsh said during an investor conference. Rio Tinto’s representative revealed the company has been … Read more

Pop-up Chinese mining projects lead to the eviction of nearly two million Tibetans

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Although the Chinese government repeatedly keeps denying the reports of forced evictions, almost two million Tibetan pastoralists claim to have been forcibly displaced from their own homeland due to rampant mining and river damming projects in vacated areas. The news is reported by the site DNA India and quotes Tibetan officials, who have recently revealed that gold … Read more

Blast in Chinese coal mine traps and kills 21 workers

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The Chinese Xinjiang province, in the western part of the country, witnessed a violent explosion in a coal mine that killed 21 workers. According to the Xinhua news agency, quoted by ABC News, the accident occurred in the Baiyanggou pit, last Friday (13). The local authorities revealed that 34 miners were working underground at the time of … Read more