chrysocolla flotation

Chrysocolla Flotation

The effect of pH on the flotation response of Chrysocolla and chalcocite with potassium octyl hydroxamate as collector. The potential for the chalcocite system is slightly oxidizing. A detailed electrochemical investigation of chalcocite with a collector that does not oxidize, namely a chelating compound, potassium octyl hydroxamate shows the pH dependence of the floatability of chrysocolla (a hydrous … Read more

Evaluate Oxide Copper Recovery by Flotation

If the idea is try to recover, by flotation, copper oxides that are located in the upper part of the deposit. According to geology department the main copper oxide minerals are chrysocolla and atacamite. There are small quantities of azurite and malachite. As far as I know, it is difficult to float chrysocolla. Malachite and … Read more