Laboratory Tanks

Bolted Steel Laboratory Tank Bolted Steel Laboratory Tank is ideal for use in any ore dressing or metallurgical laboratory. This tank may be used as an ore bin, for solution or water storage, etc., in batch testing laboratories; and as an agitator, conditioner, or thickener tank in continuous pilot test plants. The fact that it … Read more

Laboratory Conditioner

Laboratory Conditioners and Super-Agitators are available in sizes to meet the need for a single batch unit, a multiple batch unit or a continuous pilot test plant size unit. This machine is designed for use in metallurgical, chemical and process laboratories to condition, agitate, aerate, or mix any combination of liquids or liquids and solids … Read more

Slurry Agitator Mixer & Flotation Conditioner

Any Air-lift Agitator is readily convertible from one to another of three general types. Center Air-lift, Side Air-lift or combined Side and Center Air-lift. Each type has its own advantages and application. No matter which type of Air-lift Agitator you have, it is the basis for any of the three general types, for each type … Read more