copper oxide flotation

Compare Hydroxamate AM2 Rinkalore CTC3 Oxide Collectors

In this series of tests aimed  to Compare Hydroxamate Collectors namely: AM2 Rinkalore and CTC3 we now conclude.  All data indicate the CTC3 is a more selective reagent.  In all tests, metallurgy was improved.  Nowhere were the results produced by CTC3 inferior to AM2. Although AM2’s Lab Recoveries can look “attractive”, the AM2 reagent shows problematic … Read more

Naturally Floating Gold and Silver Lost in Pre-Flotation

Naturally Floating Gold and Silver

It is clear the Pre-Float stage creates much looses in Cu, Au and Ag.   Mineralogy work on this stream would help understand why the metals are naturally floatable using only MIBC.  Knowing the cause of this floatability (chemical, physical or mechanical) would open the opportunity to implement solutions that would increase Cu, Au and Ag … Read more


The earlier versions of OXFLOAT CTC3 had been in production since 1972 and currently Oxflo’s manufacturing partner supplies 700 mt of this product to their local market annually. They have a further manufacturing capacity of 800 mt, taking them to a total of 1500 mt per year. Currently OXFLOAT CTC3 has displaced AM2 at one … Read more