How to Separate Copper from Lead by Cu Depression

  How you separate Pb from Cu depends on how much of each metal is present.  You best depress the metal that’s the most present, the metal you have the most of & you float the metal you have the least of. In this case, flotation of a small amount of lead from the copper concentrate would … Read more

Sequential Copper–Lead–Zinc Flotation

To improve the selectivity between copper and lead, a sequential copper-lead-zinc rougher circuit was tested. Each of the rougher circuits had a dedicated regrind and cleaner circuit. The advantages of the sequential circuits are that the levels of selectivity can be increased, particularly for copper and lead. With this process, copper was recovered first with MBS depression of lead, … Read more

Determine Total Cyanide in Solution

The test outlined is a simple and rapid method for the determination of total cyanide in plant solutions, providing significant amounts of iron cyanides are not present. Copper, nickel, zinc, and iron cyanides build up in plant cyanide solutions as a result of the usual gold milling practice of recycling solutions . Since these metals … Read more