Evaluating Copper Rougher-Scavenger Flotation Circuit Grade/Recovery Results

A modal examination of the products produced by the copper flotation rougher-scavenger circuit reveal important information regarding the limits to the efficiency of the process, imposed by mineralogy, fragmentation and flotation capacity.  Let’s discusses various aspects of rougher flotation circuit performance and how to evaluate its results .     Prior to compositing the individual downbank rougher … Read more

Mineral Composition and Fragmentation

The metallurgical response of minerals during the flotation process are dependent upon two factors: The fragmentation of the minerals from each other during the grinding stage establishes the limits to process metallurgy The relative abundance of the different minerals in the ore sample dictates the complexity of the flowsheet design.   Here we discus the mineral … Read more

Flotation Process Development and Assessment

At a mining operation, a project was designed and implemented to develop a process for controlling lead recovery in the flotation plant. The metallurgical program consisted of two parts: A survey of the current plant process streams was conducted first to assess the performance characteristics of the existing flowsheet and equipment. A comprehensive program of laboratory scale … Read more

Evaluating Copper Flotation Cleaner Circuit Grade – Recovery Results

To facilitate the presentation of the modal data, the cleaner circuit of this case concentrator was separated into three operations. The first cleaner circuit, which includes the cleaner-scavenger bank is discussed first, this is followed by a discussion of the operation of the column cleaner circuit. Finally, an analysis of the overall cleaner circuit operation is … Read more