5 Major consequences of coal mining

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Coal is still the most prevalent energy source in the entire world and the United States is not an exception. Almost 91 percent of the country’s electricity is generated in coal-burning plants. Still, coal mining is a nefarious activity for the environment and for the human health. In fact, the industry is responsible for one-third of … Read more

Illegal mercury used in small-scale gold mining damages Indonesian lands

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Many developed nations hope 2014 can finally be the year when a real fight against the use of mercury in gold mining across the world starts. However, until then, several countries like Indonesia will continue to suffer the consequences of this and other dangerous techniques. The small-scale, and many times illegal, gold mining operations spread … Read more

Signatories of the Minamata Convention [infographic]

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A document that means “the beginning of the end of mercury as a threat to human health and the environment”. These were the words chosen by the executive director of the UN Environment Programme, Achim Steiner, to describe the Minamata Convention, recently signed by more than 90 countries. These nations vowed to ban several mercury products until 2020 and are planning the … Read more