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Portable Gold Processing Plant

Portable Gold Amalgamation Plant

Free milling gold and silver ores are efficiently and economically treated in Amalgamation Mills. These mills are often used in the early stages of development of free milling gold properties to recover the main portion of the gold with a simple, inexpensive flowsheet. Later a more comprehensive installation can recover the remaining mineral. These mills are also used to bulk sample ore bodies having erratic mineral occurrences and exploit properties with limited ore reserves at greatest possible profit and with a minimum of Amalgamation table

The basic machine in Amalgamation and Concentration Mills is the Selective Mineral Jig, used in conjunction with the Amalgamation Unit. The balance of the equipment includes a jaw crusher, ball mill, rotary classifier, and corduroy blankets or a concentrating table. Mills can be operated by diesel-electric generator sets using individually driven units, giving greatest possible flexibility, or transmission equipment can be supplied for driving from a single source of power.

Portable Gold Leach Plant

Cyanide Mills are designed to treat a particular ore deposit to give the highest economic return; due consideration being given to location, tonnage involved, and capital available. Each ore body to be treated presents an individual problem due to ….Read more

Small Gold Processing Plant

The problem a Small Gold Processing Plant can solve is for the need to to provide a small, relatively simple and inexpensive gold mill that will operate at a reasonable profit with a minimum of supervision. The limited availability of skilled operating personnel, availability of water and local power, high cost of transporting ore and expense of building, operating and maintaining such a mill have been taken into consideration in developing the flowsheet. A primary objective is to provide a mill having sufficiently low power and water requirements as to be supplied locally.

The flowsheet was developed for a siliceous ore with a high percentage of the gold present in a “free milling” state. In addition some gold bearing sulphides are present which require the inclusion of flotation in order to obtain maximum recovery. Most of the gold is, however, recoverable in bullion form for shipment to the mint. The gold tied up in the flotation concentrate is shipped to a smelter, although in remote areas a small batch cyanide plant may be used to extract the values and thereby eliminate the shipping and smelter processing plant


Crushing and Grinding

Single stage crushing for the ….Read more

Small Gold Ore Processing Plant

These five illustrated flowsheets fully described in the article “Small Gold Ore Processing Plants” follow a natural sequence. These start with a very simple. Flowsheet AA, and then by the addition of the more extensive equipment, it is possible to take care of slight changes in the ore as well as improve recovery. The following tables include the tonnage handled per day in each mill, the total amount of power required for operation, tons of water needed for milling, weight of machinery and approximate machinery cost for each mill according to the flowsheet utilized. These estimates are based on belt driven machines and are FOB factory. Motor driven equipment costs approximately ten per cent more than belt driven.


This flowsheet is the lowest priced possible and can be used on an ore with a high-percentage of free gold values and where the values are unlocked at reasonably coarse grinding.

COST of Small Gold Processing Plants Mobile gold processing plant for sale

Gold Ore Processing Plant for sale….Read more

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