List Gold Metallurgical Tests

In order to have a preliminary idea about the metallurgical performance of the samples, some scoping tests have to be performed. They can be carried out in the prospective mine site and/or special metallurgical laboratory. The final election is based on the equipment availability and gold mineralization. Test to be done include; concentration by gravity, flotation and leaching.

Rotary Sampler Splitter

Rotary Sampler Splitter

It is a good practice to test several samples or composites. The sample preparation must be done under the following considerations:

  1. Combine the samples according to the geologist indications
  2. The sample has to be crushed to 100% passing 10 mesh
  3. Split the sample in one and/or two kilos charges
  4. Take samples for head analysis and perform assays for gold and silver.
  5. Other elements can be detected by ICP analysis
  • Gold Panning:

Without any doubt, gold panning is the oldest prospecting tool and concentration device employed by prospectors. The method is based on the difference of specific gravity among gold and other minerals. Pans can be found in several presentations and the prospector must select the most appropriate according to gold mineralization. The typical gold pan is 16 inch diameter and 2 to 3 inches depth. Some pans have ….Read more