Gold Room Security

Very little is documented about Gold Room Security due to the sensitivity of people around it. At the same time, when establishing a new operation it is useful to have a standard security starting point on which to address the issues with directly related to gold room security design fundamentals. This paper will provide guidelines and a ‘prompt’ for the issues to be considered when establishing a new operation. Gold mining invites the inherent problems of vulnerability, threats and countermeasures for the security of gold products. Due to the errors in metallurgical accounting and grade control issues, gold theft may be undetected for some time. Generally, stealing starts in a small way leading to larger theft and at some scale the theft is detected.

by D. Connelly

Historically, the greatest threat to gold security is from internal staff. Typically, when gold is stolen by a person in a position of trust, they have had no previous record of dishonesty. Personal circumstances may change altering ethical values and moral judgement and this is borne out by anecdotal evidence. Sadly, the old proverb, ‘opportunity makes the thief’ is very true. Recently, external personnel have conspired to steal gold, but this is ….Read more