Deforestation caused by mining activities in Indonesia threatens black macaque

800px Celebes crested macaque

The growing mining activities and consequent deforestation in the Indonesian provinces of Central Sulawesi and Gorontalo are threatening the lives of the endemic Tonkean macaque monkeys, a species also known as the Sulawesi black macaque. The animals can be found in the forests between North Palu and Tana Toraja, as well as south of the Lore Lindu National Park, … Read more

Illegal mercury used in small-scale gold mining damages Indonesian lands

800px Puncak West Java

Many developed nations hope 2014 can finally be the year when a real fight against the use of mercury in gold mining across the world starts. However, until then, several countries like Indonesia will continue to suffer the consequences of this and other dangerous techniques. The small-scale, and many times illegal, gold mining operations spread … Read more

Apple accused of using illegally mined tin to produce the iPhone

Tin mine Indonesia 009

Apple might have used illegally mined tin from Indonesia to manufacture its iPhones and some other products. At least, that’s what the international environmentalist group Friends of the Earth said recently. According to the group’s website, tin mining on Bangka Island, in Indonesia, has been connected to “the destruction of tropical forests, coral reefs and fishermen’s livelihoods”. They also call … Read more