Arsenic in Copper Concentrate

Arsenic in Copper

In a certain case study of “high”¬†Arsenic in Copper Concentrate (almost 0.5% As) produced by flotation, and where the Cu Conc is mostly ¬†chalcopyrite and therefore the main form of copper; the content of secondary copper minerals was variable. Tennantite/Enargite/Freibergite, a copper-arsenic sulphide mineral, as well as covellite, was present in significantly higher amounts today. … Read more

Copper Precipitation & Cementation using Scrap Iron

In the search for lower cost methods of recovering copper, the use of sponge iron or particulate iron (as distinguished from iron powder used in powder metallurgy) as precipitants in place of tin cans, detinned scrap iron, or scrap iron is an intriguing possibility. The relatively faster copper precipitation rate obtained with particulate iron as … Read more