Metallurgical Testwork Program

Mineral Processing Pilot Plant Equipment

The testing of tonnage lots of ores and industrial materials by continuous Mineral Processing Pilot Plant operation is in many instances advisable before a full scale milling plant is installed. The treatment of complex ores by new processes or by the use of new or unusual reagents in flotation may involve problems the effect of … Read more

Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment & Test Methods

The Mineral Industries have for many years recognized the importance of small-scale ore dressing tests for determining the amenability of ores to various methods of concentration. The successful development of the flotation process, which was accomplished with the aid of small-scale laboratory machines, gave a decided impetus to the laboratory testing of ores. Today the … Read more

Metallurgical Testwork for Process Development

Mineralogy & Microscopy Amenability of an ore to flotation is best tested for by a microscopic examination of the ore followed by a few laboratory flotation tests. As stated in Chapter I, most ores containing minerals of metallic, resinous or adamantine luster associated with minerals of earthy, vitreous, or pearly luster, can be divided by froth flotation … Read more

Mineral Processing Laboratories

Mineral Processing Laboratory

Finding a good and the right mineral processing laboratory and have your testing filled properly is important. Most metallurgical laboratories now are actually specialized. They will claim to “do-it-all” while what they can actually do truly depends on who their current staff is.  You have hear the cliché on people are our greatest asset?  Well, it … Read more