How to use a Microscope to Help Solve Gold Metallurgy

The assistance that can be obtained from the microscope in solving ore-dressing problems has been increasingly appreciated in the recent years, as attested by the frequency of papers on the subject. Observations by means of binocular microscopes with magnifications up to 100 diameters and corresponding resolutions have long been common practice, and such observations are a great … Read more


Mineralight was developed to fill the need for a simple method of identifying those substances which respond or “fluoresce” when subjected to ultraviolet light. In the field of mineralogy, some 200 minerals are known to have this property of fluoresence. Early day prospectors, while searching for gold, discarded valuable minerals, such as scheelite; being unable to recognize them by ordinary field methods. The modern prospector … Read more

Laboratory Microscope

Microscope Quick determination of a sample can often be made by means of a microscope. Over-all losses can be reduced even in a flotation circuit by examining the various test plant products with a microscope without waiting for the return of assays. The general purpose microscope is also being extensively used to determine the association … Read more