Largest Mines in the World

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Here is my list of the Top 15 largest and biggest mines in the world:   They are economically big and physically large, taking a lot of time and power to excavate using special mining equipment. But in their core, there’s what big mining companies are looking for: the precious ore. Join us as we … Read more

Top 5 biggest US coal mines in 2013 in terms of production

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The North-American coal mines with the biggest production rates in 2013 aren’t necessarily the largest in size or the ones with more workers. But one thing is for sure: they are all located in Wyoming, the US capital of coal. 1. North Antelope Rochelle Prodution in 2013: 100.703 tonnes Owner/explorer: Peabody Energy Location: Wyoming 2. Black … Read more

Europe and China with most cases of dam failure in mining sites after 2000


The mining industry currently faces a lot of challenges, but one of them is definitely to keep tailing dams from collapsing or leaking. These embankments, which are built by geotechnical engineers with steep slopes using the coarse fraction of the tailings and saving costs, are supposed to be a safe solution, but there are different reasons that eventually cause some of … Read more

The 12 Coldest Canadian Mines

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If you are in the Northern hemisphere and you think it’s cold outside, take a look at these Canadian mines and try not to freeze! 1. Meadowbank Average temperature in the mine during the coldest month: -35.4 This silver and gold mine, managed by the majority owner Agnico Eagle Mines, is located 70 kilometers north of Baker Lake. … Read more

Explosions kill four Chinese miners in three days

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Different explosions in two mines located in Central and southwest China killed four workers during the weekend. The news agency Xinhua, quoted by Mining.com, reports the first accident happened on Friday (3) morning, in central China’s Wufeng county, Hubei province. A gas explosion made three victims. Two days after the first incident, on Sunday (5), a second … Read more

Top 10 deepest mines on the planet

south africas mponeng mine is the worlds deepest sending miners 24 miles underground in search of gold its so deep it could fit 10 empire state buildings stacked on top of each other says the financial times

Did you know that eight of the ten deepest mines in the world are located in just one South African region? We bet you also didn’t know that most of these operations are focused on gold extraction. To increase your mining knowledge, Mining Examiner brings you a new list today, this time about the 10 … Read more

The 5 richest mining nations in the world


Some countries are richer and more developed than other, but who rules the podium when it comes to the mining industry? Most will mine using the most basic gold mining equipment available to rich Nations. 1. South Africa The country has more than $2.5 trillion in mineral reserves, deserving the title of world’s richest nation … Read more

Pop-up Chinese mining projects lead to the eviction of nearly two million Tibetans

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Although the Chinese government repeatedly keeps denying the reports of forced evictions, almost two million Tibetan pastoralists claim to have been forcibly displaced from their own homeland due to rampant mining and river damming projects in vacated areas. The news is reported by the site DNA India and quotes Tibetan officials, who have recently revealed that gold … Read more

Meet the world’s 10 biggest silver mines

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Curious to know more about the 10 biggest silver mines in the world? Let’s go on a journey based on contained silver reserves through Mexico, the world’s biggest silver producing country, and Poland, among other countries. 1. Penasquito The world’s biggest silver mine by reserve is located in the north-eastern part of the State of Zacatecas, Mexico, … Read more