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Canadian mining industry supports groundbreaking transparency rules

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In an effort to break the corruption blanket that many times chokes the mining industry, the Canadian sector is endorsing a plan that would boost transparency. The main measure states that it would become mandatory reporting to provincial securities commissions all project-related payments that companies make to the governments. The move is being praised and … Read more

Mining Hall of Fame recognizes top pioneers

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The inaugural round of the global Mining Technology “Hall of Fame”┬átop will distinguish 18 pioneering mining technology innovators and developers. The initiative intends to highlight the past and present job of important personalities in the mining industry, people that changed it for the better. The nominated and voted-for practitioners achieving significant increases in mining productivity, … Read more

Technology will always need human workers to succeed in the mining industry


A “cultural change”: that’s what Mark Gelsomini, Dundee Precious Metals information technology director, says the mining industry needs to successfully introduce automation or robotics in mining activities. This change will be based on the buy-in of employees and will require a gradual and fully transparent introduction process so workers won’t feel alienated or┬áthreatened. Gelsomini talked … Read more