Goa inhabitants still getting used to less polluted environment after mining ban

Goa Photo: Jayesh Phatarpekar Goa
Photo: Jayesh Phatarpekar

The people living in the Indian state of Goa have now started adjusting their lives to a less polluted environment, but it’s not easy.

According to a survey conducted by Goa’s EIA Resource and Response Center, quoted by The Times of India, the inhabitants of the mining-affected areas are still adjusting themselves to a new social and economic order. Apparently, learning how to enjoy the less polluted environment in places such as Bicholim or Quepem takes time.

List of mining-affected areas covered by the survey:
  • Bicholim
  • Amona
  • Mayem
  • Mulgao
  • Naveli
  • Pilgao
  • Sanquelim
  • Shirgao
  • Surla
  • Dharbandora
  • Mollem Mine excavation sites
  • Nanus and Usgao
  • Quepem
  • Rivona
  • Sonar Bhat
  • Tilamol
  • Zambaulim

Goa’s mining operations have been under direct supervision of the state’s government and were initially suspended in September of 2012 after a Commission Report presented by Justice M. B Shah was accepted by the Parliament. According to the study, at the time any further mining operation done without any scientific research could seriously impair Goa’s natural resources and environment.

Now, Goa’s environmental condition is recovering. The ban on mining has boosted several changes in the social and environmental sphere.

New Zealand announces mining emergency protocol

800px-Burning_mine_near_Denniston,_New_ZealandThe government of New Zealand has recently announced it is working on new solutions to handle emergencies and accidents in underground mines.

The protocol will provide guidelines and regulation in case of a mining emergency in the country, defining which persons and agencies are responsible for responding to major events and what are their functions and duties, the site quoted.

This initiative will also set out the lines of authority when it comes to decision making and communication. The police minister Anne Tolley commented on the subject:

Implementation will require close collaboration between the police, the Mines Rescue Service, WorkSafe New Zealand, the Fire Service and the mining industry.

The protocol will include an incident controller with mining experience, supported by a management team, the Labor minister Simon Bridges announced.

The project, which is a response to the Pike River disaster, will be phased and will take effect from December 2014.

Sun might be the answer to Chile’s energy shortage in the mining industry

Photo: Stausifr Photo: Stausifr

The Coquimbo region, in the arid region of northern Chile, just opened the first solar plant for the mining sector in the area. The goal is to end all power supply issues that have been affecting the work in a region that is the world’s number one in copper production.

The country’s Energy minister, Jorge Bunster, officially opened the solar facility last Friday (13). From now on, the structure – the first fully integrated photovoltaic plant in the Chilean electricity system – will supply power to the private gold company Minera Dayton, the main firm operating in the area, states the site Mining.

According to the forecasts, the plant, which was developed by the French solar energy supplier SolaireDirect in collaboration with Minera Dayton, is expected to supply 1.26 MW to an area of 1.9 hectares.

The decision of building such a structure was based on the warnings made by experts over the past two years. These experts assured the South American nation couldn’t be able to keep mining without a solution to its energy needs. Currently, 90 percent of the electricity generated in the north of ….Read more

Deloitte’s top 10 mining trends for 2014

Jericho Diamond Mine, Canada Photo: Tom Churchill Jericho Diamond Mine, Canada
Photo: Tom Churchill

The latest report made by the agency Deloitte, entitled “Tracking the trends 2014“, lists the top 10 mining trends for the next year, showing how the companies can adapt their work to the ever changing industry dynamics.

According to the document, quoted in a press release, mining firms will continue to be confronted with the compounding challenges of cost inflation, falling commodity prices, supply-demand imbalances and decreased productivity levels.

The report adds that the Canadian mining companies need to change the way they do business to weather ongoing market volatility and remain viable into the future. These firms should embrace innovation and revise their core systems and processes, applying new approaches to financial, safety and talent management programs. Glenn Ives, Deloitte’s Americas Mining Leader, says there are things that must change:

Business as usual is no longer an option for Canada’s mining companies. Despite the weakness of commodities markets, both operating and capital costs are stubbornly high and rising. In fact, the mounting costs of doing business topped our list of trends for ….Read more

Five of the world’s worst mining disasters

Every miner knows the risks it takes to work in such an industry. However, nothing can prepare someone for accidents like the ones we are about to show you. Here is a list with five of the deadliest mining accidents in the world.

1. Explosion at Benxihu Colliery

Photo: Photo:

With a history marked by violence and forced labor under dual Chinese and Japanese, this mine, located in China, was the stage of a coal-dust explosion in 1942. The accident and the posterior “safety” measures to put out the fire killed a full third of the workers on duty at the time: 1,549 people. It took 10 days to remove all the bodies, which were buried in a mass grave.

2. Courrières mine disaster

Photo: Wikimedia

On March 10, 1906, a coal-dust explosion destroyed this mine in Northern France, killing at least two-thirds of the miners. A total of 1,099 died, including many children, and many of the survivers suffered horrible burns or were sickened by the gases. The event, still the worst mining disaster in Europe’s history, sparked strikes in the country.

3. Accidents at Japanese coal ….Read more

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in a mine? These mining simulation games might help

Mining can be fun. Well, in some cases.

Usually, it’s hard work and long shifts, but there are also advantages in working on an underground or open-pit deposit. To give you an idea of how your life could be if you were a miner – a very comfortable idea -, Mining Examiner has three mining games to show you. Ready to become (sort of) a mine worker?

1. Underground Mining Simulator

Descend into the depths with the ultimate career challenge as you take on the role of a miner in Underground Mining Simulator.

EP_UNDERGROUNDMINING_UK_inlay-130x184Explore coal, iron, salt and gold mines as you strive to extract your precious pickings. Mine the seams utilising both explosives and state of the art drilling equipment, including drills and an ultra-modern face tunnelling machine.

Equip your mine with tilting side loaders and bulldozers as you take the fruits of your labours back to the surface.

Published by Excalibur Publishing and available for PC.

2. Mining and Tunneling Simulator

Detailed scenery in 3D graphics with an intriguing and ongoing story.

2….Read more

Nine software solutions for precious metals mining from Ventyx

The company Ventyx, a leading supplier of enterprise software and services for asset intensive industries like the mining field, has collectively more than 120 years of experience delivering enterprise solutions. In this article, Mining Examiner shows you a list of solutions provided by the company with the precious metals industry in mind.

These types of ore are usually present in extremely low concentrations, so quality control of analytical data and flawless sampling procedures are even more important than in other forms of mining. Here is a list of nine solutions created by Ventyx to make precious minerals mining easier and more profitable.

Mine Planning

Increase the accuracy of mine planning while maximising your ability to respond efficiently to changing conditions with our extensive geological modelling and mine design functionality.

Photo: Julio.escalantec Photo: Julio.escalantec

Mining companies today are under increasing pressure to boost output from their existing mines and to bring new projects online quickly. To maximize mine profitability, planners and schedulers must create mine plans that match the field as accurately as possible.

Planners and schedulers must account for a staggering array of variables — geological samples and data from the mine, the ….Read more

5 minerals with unusual names

Mining is not only about underground pits, heavy work and complex extraction processes. Sometimes, mining can be fun and this infographic proves it.

So, take a few minutes to discover five minerals with crazy names and you will see how mining can sometimes help you relax. These five funny “rocks” can be found in different parts of the world, but are all united by one thing: their rather strange and curious names.


CAE offers five different types of software for your mining operation

carousel_1The company CAE started as a global leader in modelling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defence, later diversifying its work. Today, the firm is proud of its section CAE Mining, which is “at the forefront of the industry in developing and providing innovative technology and services to plan, manage and optimise mining operations“.

CAE Mining has currently operations in 11 countries, offering solutions that go from exploration and data management to mine planning. That is why Mining Examiner decided to bring you five great examples of software developed by this company.

1. Geological Data Management Solution

Protect your most valuable asset.

Photo: Jesse Allen Photo: Jesse Allen

Exploration data forms the fundamental underlying basis for resource models and mining resource/reserve evaluations. It is critical for mining and exploration companies to protect this investment with modern governance systems to control the process and securely store the data.

Data capture:

  • Core logging
  • Laboratory samples
  • Mapping
  • Quality control
  • Storage
  • Reporting tools
  • Process management

2. Resource Modelling

Visualize, interpret and interrogate your resources with the superior capabilities of CAE Studio and CAE Strat3D.

….Read more

Auction of Anglo Coal’s mining vehicles and machines happens on November 28

fgd Dragline 1570W
Photo: YouTube

The online auction house Clear Asset will be auctioning several mining assets from Anglo American Thermal Coal on November 28. The list includes a 3,298-ton dragline machine, a Bucyrus 1570W nicknamed “Bigger Digger”, valued at more than one billion Rands when new.

According to market intelligence, there’s currently a two-year waiting list for such machinery, so this can be a great chance for a big mining company. The last time a new similar machine was sold was in the 1990s.

This highly productive dragline was installed at the Kleinkopje mine and operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to the site Mining Weekly, it can reach depths of 51.81 m, has a boom length of 94.49 m, a dumping height of 43.53 m and a bucket size of 59.63 m. Clear Asset cofounder, Ariella Kuper, is confident in the sale of the dragline:

It goes without saying that a machine of this size and power is rarely sold. Not surprisingly, the machine has already attracted strong interest from major mining houses locally and abroad, [which would] prefer to relocate the dragline to their ….Read more

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