RungePincockMinarco: three software solutions for different mining environments

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After more than 30 years of experience in the field, RungePincockMinarco keeps producing groundbreaking software for the mining industry. The company’s products are globally sought for mine planning, scheduling, equipment simulation and financial analysis solutions. Today, we bring you three different software solutions, each one for a different type of need. 1. Underground Coal – XPAC … Read more

Simio offers simulation software solutions for open pit and underground mines


With over 30 years of experience in simulation and scheduling, the Pennsylvania-based company Simio LLC (SImulation Modeling framework based on Intelligent Objects) currently offers several great simulation software solutions for mining companies across the world, solutions that can be applied both to open pit and underground mines. According to the company, Simio’s mining solutions can be used to design material … Read more

GE Mining shows new underground equipment in China


The event Coal & Mining Expo 2013, in China, was the place chosen by GE Mining to launch its new range of underground mining equipment. According to the company’s CEO, Geoff Knox, quoted by Ferret, these new technologies provide innovative solutions to boost a mine’s operational performance, but always with a special concern about the environment and … Read more

Five super popular mining maps

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Whether you love mining or you’re just a map aficionado, we have five great maps to show you, originally published by the website Mining. They are all from InfoMine, which has been analyzing and tracking mines and exploration projects around the globe since 1992. Take a moment to check InfoMine’s five most popular mining-related maps. If you’re interested … Read more

Geoprobe is revolutionizing the Yukon mineral exploration industry


A Canadian entrepreneur developed an innovative technology that is already being used in some mineral exploration camps in the Yukon territory, in the north of the country. The device is called Geoprobe and is basically a small, track-mounted hydraulic drill that gathers soil and rock-chip samples from the soil-bedrock interface on an exploration property. It does … Read more

The five biggest mining fines of 2013

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From breaching environmental laws to violating safety rules, as well as “forgetting” about financial regulations, these mining bad boys have done almost all of it… just this year. Let’s take a look at the top five biggest mining penalties of 2013, all above the one-million-dollar mark. 1. $1.68 billion The company MMX Mineração e Metálicos … Read more

What’s the next step for mining automation?


After driverless trucks or loading vehicles roaming underground tunnels operating by themselves within a laser defined area, what’s next in the mining automation field? According to Diego Areces, vice-president of mining solutions, minerals and metals at the company Schneider Electric, the next step is to change the reality of mining, trying to evolve and implement these technologies. … Read more

First human colonies in space will be composed of mines, oil rigs and refineries

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Imagine the first human colonies in space. The futurist Tom Cheesewright already did it and, according to him, these colonies will include little more than a few mines, oil rigs and manufacturing outposts to refine minerals. That being said, Cheesewright adds that asteroids are probably more likely to be the first “places” to receive long-term colonisation projects. The … Read more