Study points to potential water pollution caused by iron mining in Wisconsin

800px Open pit iron mine Labrador

Iron mining activities could be leading to pollution problems in the northern part of the state of Wisconsin. The conclusion in included in a new report disclosed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). According to the 97-page study, these mining operations might be responsible for loss of surface and groundwater due to a process known … Read more

Signatories of the Minamata Convention [infographic]

MinamataSignatories 03

A document that means “the beginning of the end of mercury as a threat to human health and the environment”. These were the words chosen by the executive director of the UN Environment Programme, Achim Steiner, to describe the Minamata Convention, recently signed by more than 90 countries. These nations vowed to ban several mercury products until 2020 and are planning the … Read more

92 Countries sign anti-mercury treaty

751px Hg Mercury

Japan hosted, earlier this month, the subscription ceremony of a groundbreaking global treaty to reduce mercury pollution. The Minamata Convention, signed by 92 countries, spells “the beginning of the end of mercury as a threat to human health and the environment”, said Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the site All Africa reports. Now that the … Read more

Papua New Guinea’s government opens new controversy regarding the Ok Tedi Mine

ok tedi aerial 2

The controversial Ok Tedi copper and gold mine doesn’t belong anymore to BHP Billiton. Papua New Guinea’s government decided to whip full control of the pit from the hands of the company and put a stop to the legal immunity for environmental damage that BHP enjoyed. The change was announced this week, as Prime Minister Peter O’Neill gave the … Read more