Concentrator Metallurgical Continuous Sampling Analysis

Development and use of on stream analysis for both wet and dry processes promises great advantages in processing and quality control.

In many cases the volume handled by an on stream analyzer must be far less than the total stream volume. Moreover, the accuracy of the analyzer report depends directly on the small sample presented to the analyzer. Therefore the method employed to withdraw the proper amount of material from the stream and prepare the small volume of feed required by the analyzer is most important. On stream analyzers frequently represent sizable investments, yet their reports can be no more reliable than the sample which is analyzed.

Multi-station analysis requires coordination of sample delivery to the analyzer. Time lag between sampling and delivery of the sample to the analyzer is frequently critical. Sample identity must be retained so the report can be translated to a specific condition existing in the main stream.Sampling for Continuous Analysis


Many problems with dry sampling systems do not exist in wet systems for in most cases the slurry represents material that can be presented to the analyzer without additional processing. Standard sampling devices can be used. The ….Read more

Types and Models of Sample Cutters & Samplers


A compact unit designed to move the sample cutter through the stream at a uniform speed up to 30″ per second to provide an accurate increment sample. Action of cutter and mechanism closely adheres to theoretical “perfect technique” in cutting a sample. High speed cutter travel often eliminates need for secondary sampling. Sample cutter travel to 10′ and longer. Dust-tight units and bottom dump sample cutters for use in restricted headroom areas available.


Automatic Sampler

EXAMPLES BELOW: Pounds of sample taken per cut when feed rate is 1-Ton per hour. Multiply weight of sample by number of increment cuts per hour to determine weight of sample per hour.



The Vezin is a self-contained, dust-tight unit designed to take increment samples from a vertical stream of dry materials continuously or at adjustable and predetermined intervals. Ideal for use with pneumatic conveying systems.


The Snyder Sampler is a self-contained unit designed to operate continuously and remove increment samples to provide a sample of 5% (using one cutter opening) or 10% (when using two cutters). Duplex model also available to ….Read more

Geoprobe is revolutionizing the Yukon mineral exploration industry

geoprobe6620A Canadian entrepreneur developed an innovative technology that is already being used in some mineral exploration camps in the Yukon territory, in the north of the country.

The device is called Geoprobe and is basically a small, track-mounted hydraulic drill that gathers soil and rock-chip samples from the soil-bedrock interface on an exploration property. It does almost the same thing as a trench sampling program, but in a simpler and quicker way, without scarring the surface with an excavator.

Geoprobe can thank its existence to Tao Henderson, who worked on the device for the past two years and launched it earlier this year, with the support of the Yukon gold prospector Shawn Ryan. Henderson told the website Mining News that:

We had a prototype last year that worked pretty well, but we wanted to have low impact on the environment, while capturing bedrock samples.

The entrepreneur, co-owner of the company Groundtruth Exploration, created the Geoprobe using pieces of other equipment. The device was mounted on tracks and has an RC wireless communication system that eliminates the need of an operator on the spot.

….Read more

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