Scientists test new technique to mine water on Mars

600px Mars Valles Marineris

With an apparent and significant amount of water locked up in ice, Mars is being studied by the scientists that want to understand how to extract the precious liquid. And the answer is via some very different mining techniques. Recent exploratory missions have found that water ice exists on the planet’s poles and just beneath … Read more

First human colonies in space will be composed of mines, oil rigs and refineries

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Imagine the first human colonies in space. The futurist Tom Cheesewright already did it and, according to him, these colonies will include little more than a few mines, oil rigs and manufacturing outposts to refine minerals. That being said, Cheesewright adds that asteroids are probably more likely to be the first “places” to receive long-term colonisation projects. The … Read more

Canadian company uses satellites to monitor and measure mining sites from space

Space Radar Image of Hampton Roads Virginia

Did you know it’s already possible to monitor and measure mining sites from space? That’s right. Thanks to the advances in imaging satellites and data processing technology, the industry has evolved into a point where it can successfully monitor mines from thousands of miles away. Recently, the president and founder of the Canadian company PhotoSat wrote an article … Read more

Iron-ore from space mining might make Earth’s metal market crash

space mining

After we recently talked about the project of the company Planetary Resources, which intends to do some space mining after building its Arkyd 100 spacecraft, Mining Examiner found a related statement from Declan Vogt about the possibility of mining asteroids. “The supply and demand of iron-ore and precious metals is globally well balanced; therefore, the mining … Read more