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Top 5 biggest US coal mines in 2013 in terms of production

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The North-American coal mines with the biggest production rates in 2013 aren’t necessarily the largest in size or the ones with more workers. But one thing is for sure: they are all located in Wyoming, the US capital of coal. 1. North Antelope Rochelle Prodution in 2013: 100.703 tonnes Owner/explorer: Peabody Energy Location: Wyoming 2. Black … Read more

Colorado Springs Republican wants coal mining companies operating near streams

Doug Lamborn, Colorado US Rep., is fighting to lift restrictions that keep coal mining companies from operating within 100 feet of watercourses. The bill proposed by the Colorado Springs Republican, also sponsored by the Ohio Republican Bill Johnson, talks about two different kinds of waste. It wants to prevent the “waste of taxpayer resources” by cutting regulations that are meant … Read more