Laboratory Vacuum and Pressure Filter

The handling of wet pulp samples presents a problem to every ore dressing and metallurgical laboratory. The use of proper size and type filters with required vacuum equipment will simply and efficiently eliminate many of the difficulties.

Laboratory Vacuum Filter

Laboratory Vacuum Filter is available for all sizes of laboratories and continuous pilot test plants. Necessary units for any capacity laboratory vacuum system are available and arrangements for individual or interdependent vacuum-pressure systems have been developed to meet the practical needs of research, commercial, and private laboratories.

911 - Pressure filter 4 liter PF4 - € 3.800,- Pressure Filter

A combination vacuum-pressure unit such as the Laboratory (Rotary Type) Vacuum-Pressure Pump is recommended for the average laboratory. The application of this unit and a suggested arrangement for its use is shown in the illustration above. Although one pump can be, and generally is, used for operating both vacuum and pressure filtering equipment; only one system or the other should be in operation at any one time. This pump has a displacement of 3 to 4 cubic feet of free air per minute and will maintain a vacuum of 20 to 25 inches of mercury column or a pressure ….Read more