Underground Mine Ventilation

Something that all of the various and mining techniques have in common board and pillar, stoping, caving, long wall mining; is that they take place in underground environments where fresh air does not naturally occur. Not surprisingly, ventilation is a critical importance to the occupational health and safety of underground workers. A continuous supply of good quality air is absolutely essential to allow personnel to breathe, to dilute toxic and flammable gases, to dilute or carry away dust and aerosols and to provide cooling for the personnel and machinery. In this topic we will look at the various issues that arise with regards with people working underground and the principles behind mine ventilation systems. Ventilation is the control of air movement: its amount, its quality and its direction, to maintain a safe and healthy environment in which miners can work. A lack of proper ventilation can cause lower worker efficiency, decrease productivity, increase accident rates and absenteeism. The hazards which are controlled by proper ventilation in underground mines include; low oxygen content, toxic gases, flammable gases, fumes, humidity, temperature, airborne dust and products of combustion. We are going to look at some of these hazards in detail. A mine ventilation ….Read more