Laboratory Procedures

Phosphorus Determination Method

To have a complete text for a Method for the Determination of Phosphorus we must first discuss the interaction with other elements:  The Effect of Arsenic.—A question involving the temperature of precipitation of ammonium phospho-molybdate, which was brought to my attention some time ago, led to the following experiment: A known quantity of arsenic was … Read more

Automatic Ore Sampling Systems

The correct sampling of ores is a subject of far greater importance than is usually conceded to it. Of the little which has been published on this subject, the recent paper, is the latest and best, and well worthy the careful perusal of all interested in accurate sampling, whether by hand or by machine. It … Read more

Electro Magnetic Separator

The magnetic concentration of iron-ores has been so often and so widely studied and discussed among the members of the Institute that any remarks concerning its general importance, from an economic standpoint, would be superfluous; but it is thought that a description of the Ball and Norton ore-separator, designed for cobbing and separating magnetic iron-ores, … Read more

French Pocket Compass

The Transactions of the Institute contain nothing, as yet, on the subject of pocket-compasses; and in the belief that American miners, explorers, geologists, and engineers will gladly welcome any information about new forms of apparatus, simple in construction and adapted to rapid use, I offer a short description of an improved French combination pocket-compass, which, … Read more

Testing Aluminum & Metal Alloys

Some explanation of methods of testing will be given before presenting the record of a series of physical tests of aluminum, other metals and alloys. The test-bars used, 12 inches long and ½ inch square, are cast in green sand, with chills bedded in such a way that the ends of the bar run against them. … Read more

How to Assay Gold Jewellery Scrap

This standard prescribes the cupellation or fire assay method for assaying of gold in gold bullion, gold alloys, and gold jewellery and artefacts covered in IS 1417 “How to Assay Gold” Procedure. The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this standard. At the time of publication, the edition … Read more

Fire Assay

Fire Assay is the most common technique for analyzing precious metals was developed and refined almost to perfection before the 15th century (5). Government, mining and smelting companies, private analytical laboratories, universities, and geochemical exploration companies depend on fire assay techniques to produce accurate results. Fire assaying has been adopted by the court system as … Read more