Limonite Siderite Iron Ore Beneficiation

A laboratory mineral-dressing investigation was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Mines on four limonitic and four sideritic iron ores from the North Basin of the east Texas iron-ore district. The samples, composited from drill cores, were considered representative of the iron-ore reserves of the area. The objectives of this research were twofold: (1) To … Read more

Magnetic Separation of Pyrite

Exploratory measurements of the dielectric constant of coal and pyrite indicate that pyrite in coals can be heated selectively. If about 1 percent of the radiation is absorbed in the process, it would be very attractive from a commercial standpoint. The following recommendations are offered. More precise and systematic measurements of the dielectric properties of … Read more

Small Particle Size Minerals Magnetic Separation

By using the magnetization delay factor and the acquired momentum of the particle, minerals may be separated with magnetic susceptibilities within the diamagnetic susceptibility range. Unlike the rotating drum of the induced roll separators , and the feed belt of the cross-belt separators, which feed the particles in close packed moving layers, the vibrating feeder … Read more

Depolarizing Magnetite Pulps

In classification of pulps bearing magnetized ferromagnetic particles, depolarizing is of great importance. If size separation is to be effective, particles must be individual rather than in flocs. Depolarizing is also practiced in heavy medium separations in which ferrosilicon or magnetite is the medium. Properties of Ferromagnetic Materials: Experimental work, described below, has shown that … Read more

Magnetic and Chemical Analyses of Magnetite and llmenite

Investigation of the methods of analyses for magnetite and ilmenite in the Otanmaki iron-titanium ore and respective mill products has resulted in certain improvements in the methods conventionally employed. The outcome of the investigations is summarized as follows: Development of a diamond-drill core analyser for the determination of magnetic susceptibility of drill cores containing magnetic … Read more

Dry Magnetic Cobbing Separation

Cobbing, as used in this paper, refers to coarse dry magnetics separation. It is applicable when, by its practice, plant cost can be reduced or the value of its products increased by the removal of a barren or lean reject or a high grade final product. This paper attempts to describe cobbing as it is … Read more

Magnetic Roasting of Marginal Iron Ores

An experimental procedure was developed for studying magnetic roasting on a accurately-controlled laboratory scale. The loss-in-weight method was used and the course of reduction could be followed under a reducing gas atmosphere containing as many as five different components. Some important variables of the operation were checked on a marginal Mesabi iron ore containing porous … Read more

Magnetic Recovery of Germanium Sulphide

The Kipushi deposit, where the Prince Leopold Mine has been installed belongs to Union Miniere du Haut-Katanga and is located in the Belgian Congo, 20 miles SW of Elisabethville, at the vicinity of the Northern Rodhesian Border. How does germanium occur Differentiation of renierite from regular bornite on a freshly cleaved surface is uneasy, but … Read more

Beneficiation Beach Sands by High Tension and Magnetic Dry Processing

The author describes the actual processing of the government stockpile of chromiferous sands located at COQUILLE, OREGON, during 1955 and 1956. A general history of the stockpile is given, along with a background of the geology and origin of these sands. The flow sheet used in this operation is outlined in detail, and the minerals … Read more

Magnetic Mechanical Separator

Over a considerable period of time great interest has been shown in selective dry concentration of fine ferromagnetic particles, although it is only recently that new permanent magnetic materials have been made available to permit building of such permanent magnetic separators. It is well known that the conventional drum separator does not efficiently separate fine … Read more