Mechanical & Maintenance

Temporary Emergency Replacement Mill Liners

Shell liners wear very fast in very large diameter autogenous and semi-autogenous mills. In addition to shell liner wear, the ends of the mill are susceptible to very high rates of wear, generally confined to fairly narrow bands. Due to the sheer size of modern mills, extensive downtime is required to replace shell liners or … Read more

Steel Chimney Lining of Copper Smelting Plants

In the Southwest a number of large steel chimneys discharge the gases from the copper smelting furnaces. Some of these chimneys show no deterioration after twenty years, others show serious deterioration after four years service. A steel stack 20 ft. 7½ in. (6.3 m.) in diameter by 279 ft. (85 m.) high, Fig. 1, used … Read more

Babbitt Bearings

Brinell Hardness of Babbitt Bearings at Increasing Temperatures Brinell tests at progressively increasing temperatures are given for a representative lead-base and a representative tin-base Babbitt Bearings, showing that the former has superior resistance to deformation at the working temperatures of bearings. Small squares of bearing bronze, tinned and then babbitted with a representative lead-base babbitt … Read more

Variable Speed Pulley

Every constructing engineer and designer knows how often it is desirable to provide a speed-adjustment between parts of a machine performing different functions, or between a prime mover and the devices to which it furnishes power, and how bulky and unsatisfactory are most of the methods by which the result is usually accomplished. Of course … Read more