Automatic Sampling at Dumping Points

One of the major problems in the purchase and sale of coal shipped in lake or ocean going vessels has always been, the difficulty in obtaining a true analysis of the shipped coal’s quality because of faulty sampling by manual methods. As long as coal was sampled according to standards set up by ASTM methods … Read more

Bulk Sampling Method

Bulk sampling is define as the “process of extracting a small fraction of material from a large bulk sufficiently representative for the intended purpose”. Today’s pressing need for simple, effective and reliable sampling systems is intensified by the growing demand for quality control as a means to cope with inflation, competition and rapidly increasing consumption … Read more

Gy’s Particulate Material Sampling Theory

Diagrams Gy’s decomposition of the overall estimation error (OE). OE is the difference between the grade of the lot of particulate material and the grade of the sample. OE consists of two components: Total sampling error (TE) and analysis error (AE). The theory concentrates on TE. TE consists of preparation error (PE) and sampling error … Read more

Dust Scrubbers

Currently, most coal mines rely primarily on two methods for controlling dust. The first utilizes large volumes of outside air to ventilate and dilute the dust (and methane gas) to acceptable concentrations. The second method involves water used in various ways, such as water spray systems. Unfortunately, both techniques have limitations. For example, increasing the … Read more

Automatic Ore Sampling Systems

The correct sampling of ores is a subject of far greater importance than is usually conceded to it. Of the little which has been published on this subject, the recent paper, is the latest and best, and well worthy the careful perusal of all interested in accurate sampling, whether by hand or by machine. It … Read more